White Risk PRO

Old Pro Presenter

Deliver professional presentations with White Risk content

White Risk PRO allows you to download and use content from White Risk EXPLORE for your own presentations. You have access to a collection of appealing graphics, photos and videos. A separate app, which you can install on your computer, enables you to produce lessons using interactive animations as well.

White Risk PRO consists of two components:

Desktop Presenter

Present animations and interactive graphics with a separate desktop application.


Media Explorer

Online Explorer for downloading graphics, photos and videos
Desktop Presenter

The user-friendly Pro Desktop Presenter enables you to produce presentations with White Risk animations and link them to PowerPoint slides.

Media Explorer

Use the Media Explorer to browse all the graphics, photos and videos that you can access as a White Risk PRO user. Download the desired media and use them for your presentations (e.g. PowerPoint).

Media Explorer
Combine PowerPoint & Desktop Presenter
1. Download graphics, photos and videos from Media Explorer

2. Create PowerPoint presentation

3. Copy slide URL from Desktop Presenter
4. Insert URL in PowerPoint

For CHF 29.00 you can upgrade the standard licence to a Pro licence. White Risk PRO gives you unrestricted access to all the content of White Risk EXPLORE, LEARN, TOUR and PRO.

Old Pro Presenter
The old Pro Presenter is available here. In order to run the application, you have to install an up-to-date flash player. We no longer provide support for the old Pro Presenter.
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