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Slab avalanches:

Learn about the danger of slab avalanches.

Avalanche bulletins / avalanche danger scale:

VUnderstand the content of avalanche bulletins and the meaning of the 5 avalanche danger rating levels.

3-by-3 Method:

Complete the entire decision process from trip planning to assessing individual slopes.

Trip planning:

Learn how to properly plan a trip.

Graphical Reduction Method:

Apply a simple risk check.

New snow:

Know how much new snow is critical.

Wind and wind-transported snow:

Understand how wind contributes to the formation of slab avalanches.

Slope angle:

Learn how to identify avalanche terrain.

Warning signs:

Recognize the key indicators of elevated avalanche hazard.

Avalanche rescue:

Learn about the proper steps of a complete avalanche rescue.

Risk factors:

Known common factors that increase or decrease the personal risk from avalanches.

Risk management techniques:

Learn simple techniques that can make a big difference!

Slab avalanche formation:

Understand the processes involved in the formation of slab avalanches.

Wet snow avalanches:

Know what causes the formation of wet snow avalanches.

Assessing the snowpack:

Learn techniques for examining the snowpack in the field.


Understand the difference between your imagined terrain and reality.

Making the final decision:

Learn how to combine the factors to make an informed decision.

Typical avalanche situations:

Know the distinct characteristics of different avalanche situation and how to effectively assess them.

Practice on making the final decision:

Train your decision making skills with case studies.

Human factors:

Understand how human factors can affect your decision making.

Snowpack structure:

Learn about the most common weak layers and how to distinguish between favorable and unfavorable snowpack structures.

Snow structure:

Know the most important types of snow.

Snow metamorphism:

Learn about the factors that cause the snow to change.

Temperature gradient:

Understand what the temperature gradient is and how it affects snow metamorphism.

Planning a free-ride day:

Learn how to best plan a free-ride day and keep your avalanche risk in check.

The formation of the snowpack:

Observe the formation of a favorable and unfavorable snowpack.

Terrain - map view versus reality:

Improve your map reading skills. Compare the map view with the real terrain using 3D-Mountain.


Learn how important factors contribute to the seriousness of an avalanche situation.


Build your own snowpack and see how avalanche prone it is.

Energy balance:

Explore how radiation, wind and air temperature warm the snowpack or let it cool down.

Solar radiation:

Understand how solar radiation affects the snowpack.
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