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The most extensive online resource for practical knowledge on the science of avalanches. White Risk helps you to understand avalanches and manage the risk in the best possible way.
Teach yourself important knowledge about avalanches and avalanche safety with exciting e-learning lessons. You can also test your knowledge with White Risk LEARN.
Use the tour planner to organise your tours online. The White Risk app even gives you access to the key data en route.
The interactive Presenter on the Pro site allows you to create individual presentations using the exclusive White Risk media. Both online and offline!
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Numerous chapters containing the latest knowledge on snow and avalanches.
You already have access to the key fundamental information in the Basics chapter.
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White Risk TOUR allows you to plan your tours using topographical maps with slope angles, as well as avalanche and weather information.

Draw routes and automatically create altitude profiles and timetables. You can also manage your tours in your own tour database.

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The White Risk app gives you constant access to a wealth of important resources: the avalanche bulletin, current snow conditions and tools, including an inclinometer and analyser Ð all in your bag.
You can also download the tours you have planned with White Risk TOUR to your mobile phone. But always take a printout of your tour or a map when venturing outside!
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Take your teaching presentations to the next level with the White Risk Presenter.
Create your own interactive multimedia presentations using the White Risk content.
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White Risk LEARN is initially available in German for winter 2015/16.
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What does the total price comprise? The price is calculated per class and depends on the number of students and the period covered by the licence.

The table below indicates the approximate price in CHF per student:
3 M. 6 M. 12 M.
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M. = months,
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